The Outdoor Adventure

Live Life to the Fullest

About the Owners: Dave and Lisa

Our goal is to Live life to the fullest!

Dave and Lisa bought a house near St. Augustine Beach over five years ago and they fell in love with the community, the beaches, Anastasia Island State Park and historic downtown St. Augustine.

As residents of Florida, they have explored all areas of this beautiful State, from hiking in the State Parks north of Jacksonville, to paddling along the St. Johns River on kayaks, to SUPing (Stand Up Paddleboarding) on The Salt Run at Anastasia State Park. They have enjoyed endless hiking adventures in Big Cypress National Preserve and even enjoyed riding their 3G bikes down the Florida Keys!

They thought it was important to have an outdoor fitness, décor, and clothing store in close proximity to home—or to where you want to play or vacation! Island Life was something that, as a family, they always thought was missing in St. Augustine and in many other great communities they visit. The large department stores are always a lengthy car ride away, and hectic to get to. Many of the smaller stores specialize in only one sport, or carry only the most expensive brands.

Why Island Life? Doesn't everyone want an Island Life?

To us, an Island Life is being active outdoors while enjoying the natural world around us. We are fortunate to live on the Northeast coast of Florida where we can engage in outdoor activities all year round. Whether it be a bicycle ride down the beach, a hike in a State Park, catching that perfect wave, or skateboarding down the beach road to our favorite taco shop, there are endless outdoor activities where we can take in the fresh air and enjoy the natural world that surrounds us.

Every day is an Island Life in St. Augustine

If you are not using your fitness equipment, we encourage you to bring it to us and trade it in for something that will encourage you to once again move and enjoy the outdoors! Sadly, we live in a throw-away world, so it is important to us that we can help change this paradigm. So, if you are not using your equipment, then trade it in! There will always be someone else who will enjoy it!