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Crescent Kayaks

rescent Kayak offers sit on top kayaks for those who love to paddle and the Fisher Xtreme for those who also want to fish. Crescent Kayak comes in over 8 different colors, the favourite at Island Life is the Fisher Xtreme model in Camoflage. The Fisher Xtreme has two interior rod holders located at the rear of the boat for trolling, handsfree fishing or a great place to store your rods while paddling out. This kayak also features exterior adjustable rod holders with three receiver locations and is equipped with paddle holders for handfree fishing. practically unsinkable!

The Island Life beach location on Anastasia Island often has pre-owned Kayaks which is an affordable way for beginners to start their Kayak Adventure in Florida waters.

Stand Up Paddle Boards

Stand Up Paddle Boards - We have expanded and now offer many different boards in various colors, styles, shapes and lots of accessories to make your paddling better. Island Life is now the dealer for both Rogue, Bellasol, Smooth and Imagine Paddleboards. We looked for months and months to add to our Paddle Board selection and are very excited about the quality, performance and colors of these paddle boards.


Rogue SUP has managed to manufacture paddle boards that are lighter than the competition and offer a range of boards depending on your preferred paddle adventure. Our favorites are the All Water boards that will basically take you anywhere from the surf to the flat waters. We are also super impressed with stability, speed and versatility of the Touring & Adventure boards. Our number one selling touring board is the El North. For race competitors check out Rogue's FRO boards. Rogue probably carry some of the best racing boards.

Imagine SUP have engineered some incredible boards, for experienced paddlers Imagine short boards are some of the best if you want to paddle a wave in the surf. Imagine specializes in ultra light epoxy boards for all water paddling or agressive surf paddling. In addition they have whitewater SUPS, inflatable SUPs and even paddleboards under $600 for beginners to the sport. Island Life's favorite Imagine SUPs is the Surfer. We love it because it is extremely stable on the water, great for beginners and an amazing price. We also REALLY like the the Crossover & the Siren, these have to be some of the best boards on the market for moving quickly accross flat waters yet also really stable and great for beginners. For all you paddle racers out there Imagine are close to Rogue when it comes to performance. For more information on Imagine boards visit our store or

Bellasol was founded by a lovely lady from St. Mary just around the corner from St. Augustine. Christina found that many of the surfboards and stand up paddle boards were lacking artistic appeal and that there were few companies making boards with "girl colors." Island Life always tries to promote great local manufacturers and will always stock a few of Christina's beautiful boards.

Smooth Paddle Boards - Smooth paddle boards are fairly new on the market but are an amazing price for ultra lightweight board. You will be surprised at how light these boards are and they offer a very smooth ride and price includes carbon fiber paddle. You really can't go wrong and if you are getting into the sport then this is a good way to get started. Gentlemen who prefer a 12' board then Smooth offers this at same price as other boards.

Triple X & Body Glove also produce some great beginner stand up paddle boards at great prices. We try to stock all the stand up paddle boards available at Triple X and feature some of the Body Glove boards which have a very sleek line.



Florida offers endless areas to paddle. Island Life has offers Kayaks & Stand-Up Paddle Boards as well as accessories including life vests, dry bags, seats and paddles.

Make a Trade

Need to change your kayak or paddle board to ride a different. Bring your kayak or board in and upgrade for something new. Read more >>