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Trail Mix Pink by Nathan

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For avid runners & walkers we offer additional gear to make your workout better. Check out our new walking poles, hand weights, pedometers and clothing.

A few of our featured products:

Nathan Hydration & Safety Gear
Hydration products & safety gear by Nathan are some of the best products for athletes who want to run and walk further. At Island Life we carry many of the hydration products and for safety we promote the use of running & cycling vests as well as other products to help you stand out when running or walking at night.

Trail Mix by Nathan
A favorite of Island Life
- Limited-stretch elasticized Titanium Belt with double-adjust buckle
- Two 10 oz. (300 mL) Nutrition Flasks
- Molded Holsters
- Large, dimensional pocket with zipper closure; Power Stretch Mesh outer pocket
- Two Shock Cords with one-pull tension lock for jacket or gloves
- Incorporated, waterproof ID/medical emergency card
- Weight: 8.8 oz. (.36 kg)
- Adjustable fit - one size fits most

Go Fit Fitness Products
Founded in 1999, GoFit quickly became the leader in fitness manufacturing by developing a line of innovative products combined with world class educational content. From hand weights to ankle weights, weighted vests, illuminated skipping ropes, work out mats and kettle balls, GoFit offers unique products to assist you to increase the intensity of your workout and burn additional calories.

Garmin Forerunner Pedometer
At Island Life we highly recommend a pedometer for everyone. No matter how far you go, whether you are running, walking or hiking it is always beneficial to track your distance and challenge yourself to go further every time.

The Garmin Forerunner is ready for you to walk or run from the minute you remove it from the box. It tracks where you go and you can set your weight to estimate calories burned with every run or walk.

According to the Journal of American Medicine, people who begin a walking program get a better result by using a pedometer. Study author Dr. Dena M. Bravata reported, "People who use pedometers increase their physical activity by about 2,000 steps a day, about a mile." "They also seem to lower their blood pressure more and lose more weight."