The Outdoor Adventure

Live Life to the Fullest


At Island Life we feature unique toys & kites that make it even more fun to be outdoors by inspiring creativity and enlivening the imagination.

Featured toys:
With wings made of extra strong rip-stop fabric and a fibreglass and carbon composite frame Hq gliders are more durable than conventional models. Amazing fun to launch the glider over and over watching as they soar through the skies.

Light up Soccer & Basket Balls Take your fun outdoors into the night!
These light up balls are brilliant for taking your game into the night. A bright colored LED inside the ball can be set to light or flash the transparent parts of the ball brightly. These are durable balls and can be inflated using a regular bicycle pump. It is waterproof and the ball floats.

Hoop LED/Juggling Ballz LED
Light-Up Hoop allows stunning light effects in the dark with 18 super-bright red, blue and green LED's.
Juggling Ballz- Perfect your sense of balance and timing with a set of three Light Up LED Juggling Balls.

Other Cool Outdoor Fun Toys
Razor Scooters | Radio Flyer Wagons | Flitter Fairies | Slackline | Reach Volley | Flash Roller | Giant Bubble Maker


When last did you fly a kite? A perfect activity for everyday at the beach or park from the youngest to the most active. At Island Life we have a large selection of kites from beginner "Sleddy" kites that are super easy to fly to manueverable multi-line sport kites that perform tricks in the air.

Featured Children Kites:
The Pocket Sled Kite
This 20" kite fits into a little pouch and is easy to fly. Great for children 5 yrs and up. Available in Rainbow, Jolly Roger & Fairy Princess.

Eddy Deco-Set Paint & Decorate
An amazing kite kit with kite, felt pens, jewel pieces, stickers and fabric pieces ready to decorate and create your own custom kite design. Recommended for ages 5 yrs and up.

Butterfly Kite
These brightly colored butterflies provide hours of great flying fun for young and old alike.

Featured Sport Kites:
Bebop Fire
Bebop kites are an easy to fly stunt kite for pilots 8 years and older. Framed with 4mm fibreglass and a strong sail, it already excels in low winds and is flexible and durable enough to withstand crashes with ease.

The all new Crackerjack revoluntionizes the sport kite market in many ways. As an all-rounder, trick machine and easy flyer this kite is so versatile. Pull the latest tricks, enjoy recreational stunts or perform beautiful figures in the sky.

Beach & Outdoor Accessories

Did you ever want to ride your bike to the beach and bring your umbrella and a beach chair? At Island Life we always stock a selection of beach chairs, umbrellas, towels and wagons including many items with easy carriers and straps that make it possible to cycle to the beach. Even in the cooler winter months in Florida everyday is a beach day. You and the kids may chose to stay out of the water but at least sit by the ocean, throw a ball at the beach and dig in the sand. Nothing is more fun and relaxing then an afternoon at the beach.

Featured Beach Accessories:
The Backpack Chair
A folding chair that has straps and becomes a backpack. Chairs are comfortable to sit in, with headrest, cupholder and back pocket that can store a small cooler. Supports up to 240 lbs.

Island Shade Umbrella
72" span umbrella with convenient easy carry bag with shoulder strap.

Beach Cabana
Great shade and extra shelter for the youngest in the family. Easy to set-up and carry bag included.

Other Beach Play & Accessories
Beach bags | Suntan oils & lotion | Beach buckets, shovels, toys & more | Frisbees | Water football | Waboba - balls that bounce on water (seasonal) | Beach towels, blankets & beach mats | Goggles & floats | Beach wagons